What’s Broken?

In this episode, I discuss two loosely related thoughts. One I mention briefly, up front, the other, I dive deep on …

Thought number one is about the many new virtual places we now have to mark an area of first contact. I suppose one day, many years from now, we’ll be able to say, "I've known her since Twitter" and have that impart the same sort of immediate understanding of length and importance as high school does?

Thought number two is actually a "capture hack" I have used for some time. One of my favorite exercises is one I have come to call "What’s Broken?". I go from room to room in my house and ask this simple question and write it down. The thought is this, what if we extended this idea to everything in our lives? Jobs, relationships, social networks — everything. Could it be a good tool to effect change?

Here is a link to my essay on idea #1:

I discuss idea #2 (What’s Broken?) in better detail in my last patron’s newsletter: