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The internet is a big place full of more information than our puny brains can handle. Having the right tool can help you stay on top of the stuff that matters. This is such a tool.

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Final Choices, Sensible Defaults

In this episode, we discuss two ideas that can really help one lead a more mindful and simple life. Each choice we free ourselves from is more time and energy we have for other things that matter.

Here are the two posts that started it all:


In this episode, we talk about my recent switch from using a pen and paper based task system to OmniFocus. We discuss the reasons why I switched, how it's working out, and why I'm not one of the people that suffer "switching cost". We also discuss that OmniFocus may not be the right tool for those without complex needs.

Some of the items discussed in this show are:

The Answering Machine Problem

I’m near my breaking point with my ability to keep up with incoming communications. Here are some of the tools and ideas I’m employing to maintain the last bit of sanity I have. It starts, with expectations.

Links Include:

Kuru Toga

A mechanical pencil with an innovative clutch system that twists the led slightly as you write thus always ensuring an evenly sharp tip. In my opinion, one of the greatest inventions ever. It is also a lesson that even something a seemingly simple as a pencil still holds the potential for innovation and improvement. A lesson to never stop asking the question, "How can I make this better?"

Discussed in this episode are:

Backup! Backup! Backup!

There are only two types of computer users in the world, those that back up and those that eventually will wish they had. We discuss our current strategies, other great solutions that are out there, best practices, and in general, seek to frighten you into action.

Solutions discussed include:

Travelling Light

Light packing and travel has long been an obsession of mine. I think I finally hit the "sweet spot" so we talk about that. US vs. European travel concerns. Also, avoiding the dreaded light packing killers — The What Ifs.

Products mentioned or alluded to include:

How The Podcast (Sausage) is Made

My good friend Chris Bowler asked me to discuss how we are producing Enough. We do so in a way we very much believe in. Using many of the tools that are available to anyone with a modern Mac.

A couple of the non-standard equipment mentioned in the episode are:

Living With 11 Inches

A few folks (Myke being one of them) wanted to know about how life is shaping up with my 11 inch MacBook Air. How is the small screen size? What's it like with only 64GB? How do I decide between it and the iPad? Listen and find out.

iOS Minimalism

One of our readers (ismh on Tumblr) asked us to talk about minimalism as it applies to the iOS. So, we "get real" about the apps we have, the ones we actually use, and some strategies to help figure out what belongs.

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