Email Resuscitation

In this episode, in context with the ongoing conversations around the acquisition and demise of Sparrow, we talk about my belief that email clients have seen little-to-no real innovation or re-think since they were first invented. I propose some of my ideas about how to make some real progress in this area.

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Life In The Woods

This time Patrick talks about why he is currrently on a leave of absence from Twitter and explores how he feels the service has changed for him personally, as well as how Twitter has as a company.

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Myke and I are joined by Jared Goralnick of AwayFind. We have been friends for a while and I am a long time user and fan of AwayFind. We talk about it, why I love it so much for dealing with email in sane and appropriate ways, and why Apple using your ideas might not be such a bad thing (and, in fact, may be a blessing).

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Nike Fuel Path On The Line

Today we talk about some more of the things we are currently loving. This time they include; Podcasts, email newsletters, exercise tracking devices and a certain social network.

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It's Gotta Be Da Shoes!

In this episode, Myke and I are joined by Brian Van Peski, who I originally brought on to talk about running technology (apps, tools, etc.) but I was more interested in talking about shoes. Sorry about that. Mea culpa.

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Men Who Stare At Globes

In this episode, that I hope becomes a regular thing, I discuss some of my favorite books on a particular subject. In this case, I discuss books on solitude. This leads to a discussion of my love of learning for learning's sake in general.

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In this episode, we talk about ethics and morality based on listener request. We discuss the role they play in the choices we make and the manner is which we choose to live our lives.


Rockin' My World

Today, Myke and I discuss some of the things currently rocking our socks including; my continued trip planning to the UK, a business merger with my wife, the new Android related show coming to 70 Decibels, Myke’s new Android smartphone, Aaron Mahnke’s design prowess, and much, much, more.

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What We Believe In

In this special episode, Myke interviews me about my new book Minimal Mac: What We Believe In. The book is a collection of my favorite posts and quotes from the past three years (and nearly 2000 posts) of Minimal Mac. We discuss what the book is, what it is not, how I went about compiling it, how I decided on the price, and much more.

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How Bare Is Aaron's Air?

In this episode, Myke and I decide to go deep into discovering… How Bare Is Aaron Mahnke's Air? Turns out, due to his work, it’s not that bare.

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