The Software Story

In this episode, we have Matthew Bischoff of Quotebook and The New York Times back on the show. We catch up a bit on what he is up to these days but I mainly wanted to engage him in a thought train that I have been on for a little while. That being, the idea that software tells a story. Sometimes intentionally. Sometimes unintentionally. But, always, there is a story being told. He is a great guest and it is an interesting discussion.

He also was kind enough to supply me with the most epic set of links I think we have had for any show to date …


Namaste, Steve

In this episode, Myke and I discuss the passing of Steve Jobs, the legacy he left, the future of Apple, and what he meant in our lives. Bottome line: Life is short, show up for it.


Selfishly Social

In this episode, we follow up on my week long break from social networking. We talk about some of the changes this brought about for me in the way I approach things like Twitter. Myke certainly has some probing questions for me and I think we both come away with some good things to think about.

The Future Is Coming

In this episode, Myke and I discuss a number of topics including, the Metro UI in Microsoft Windows 8, the differences between Microsoft and Apple in the way they organize internally, the way other companies will show something that is two years from release where Apple would never dream of telegraphing their moves that far out, how IT is being besieged my the Mac and iOS, and much, much more. We also discuss the "upcoming" Kindle tablet that, well, has now come out. We record these in advance so mea culpa.

Items discusses include:

And, because it was discussed but not released:

A Week Without Social Networks

In this episode, Myke and I discuss my recent decision to take a one week social networking break. I discuss my reasons for trying this experiment at length in a post at Minimal Mac. Suffice to say that I have come to believe that in order to really evaluate the meaning, place, and value something has in ones life is to take a step away from it for a while.

Links discussed this episode include:

Enough for Myke

Myke went out and bought himself a shiny new 11 inch Macbook Air. No such purchase would really feel complete without our being able to do an Enough for Myke.

Links include:

Coffee Talk (Part Two)

This is part two of two of our special coffee episode. Myke and I assemble a crack team of coffee nerds to once again opine on the dark art of making a quality cup. Joining us are Shawn Blanc, Chris Bowler, and Brett Kelly. In this episode we focus on tools, tips, best practices and more.

Links this time around include:

Coffee Talk (Part One)

In this episode, Myke and I assemble a crack team of coffee nerds for a two part episode on the dark art of making a quality cup. Joining us are Shawn Blanc, Chris Bowler, and Brett Kelly. We discuss our coffee history, tools, tips, best practices and more. Tea even makes a couple of guest appearances. It was a whole ton of fun.

Links include:

Mark This Tweet

In today's episode, we discuss Twitter apps. What we are using, how we are using it, the whole shebang. We also discuss Tweet Marker, a new service for Twitter app developers to use to keep your timeline in sync. Myke is pretty jazzed about it and he tells us why.

Links to items discussed are:

Evernote Vs Yojimbo - No Mas

In this episode, 1( returns once again to talk about Evernote since it now has a slew of new features making it even more of a staunch competitor to my "everything box" of choice, Yojimbo. Despite my general aversion to Evernote, I can appreciate that it might just be the perfect tool for a lot of folks. That said, I still take issue with it’s data goes in one way but can only come out another strategy. Despite this, it was a heathy discussion and debate once again.

Links for this episode include:

  1. Brett Kelly