Something Is Nothing

In this episode, we discuss something that I have been thinking about and researching for a few weeks now. Mainly, the inherent positives that exist within negatives. Things like zero being a number. Also, the idea that there is never really nothing, only things we can’t see.

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In this episode, we discuss something that Myke has brought up on several occasions — his inability to focus on a single task. He refers to it as ADD but only in the generic sense as it has not been diagnosed. This leads to me talking about my own issues with focus and the frustrations with having it broken. I think many might be surprised by my take on the matter. That is, don't try to fix what you perceive as a problem, work with those limitations instead.

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Release the Geniuses

In this episode, I talk about a new app that I’m personally involved with, currently called Pop. This segues into a discussion of simplicity in apps in general and calendars specifically.

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Writing Brain

By listener request, in this episode, Myke and I discuss our respective writing processes.

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Morning Rituals

By listener request, in this episode, Myke and I discuss our pre-work routine. Myke discusses how he gets prepared for podcasting. I discuss my regular routine and one of the more recent changes to it to my morning that have made a difference — start the day out as a producer.

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Tweetbot Wins

In this episode, Myke and I follow up on his challenge to me to give Tweetbot a fair shake. This diverts into a conversation about notifications. We also go through all of the books either out or coming out with books. It is quite an impressive list of authors.

Plus, Mardi Gras Beads.

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About Enough

In this episode, Myke and I discuss my new book, Enough. It is officially available today.


This is part two of a special social networking episode featuring our guest Julio Ojeda-Zapata, reporter, tech pundit and author of iPad Means Business. In this episode, we discuss his social networking tools, why I'm "doubling down" on email, and why Julio is going "all in" on social networks.


  • Tweetbot — Tapbots
  • Birdbrain iPhone Application
  • Twitter
  • HootSuite - iPhone
  • HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard for Teams using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin
  • TweetDeck - Your social world
  • Seesmic - DESKTOP AND WEB
  • Comcast Outage | DNS | Midwest | Mediate
  • Socialite - Multiple social network client for Mac! - Apparent Software
  • Extended Share for Google Plus - Chrome Web Store
  • Welcome to Posters
  • App Store - Instacast
  • 70Decibels - Enough - The Minimal Mac Podcast - Ep 34 - Nothing But Over The Air
  • 70Decibels - Home

Julio Goes Ding

In this episode, we are joined yet again by Julio Ojeda-Zapata, reporter, tech pundit and author of iPad Means Business. He had a lot to say after our last Twitter focused episode (Episode 68 – Mark This Tweet) and wanted to stop by to tell us his thoughts and how, as a journalist, his social networking game is changing. An interesting discussion all around.

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Writing Workflow

In this Episode, Myke and I discuss my writing workflow. Specifically in reference to my upcoming book. The apps I use. My almost exclusive use of plain text files for all of my writing (at least in the first draft stage). Also, how I am writing this book exclusively using iOS and mostly using the iPad and the on-screen keyboard.