Bischoff 3.0

In this episode, Myke and I are joined by iOS wunderkind Matthew Bischoff of Lickability, developers of my fave iOS app Quotebook. We discuss the recent massive update to Quotebook, why iCloud is hard, WWDC, iOS 6 and Mountain Lion. Strap on the seat belts Mac nerds 'cause we’re going for a joyride!

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Using and Loving

Wherein Myke and I discuss some more stuff we are using and loving these days.

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In this episode, we are joined by Aaron Mahnke to discuss Frictionless his new site and business devoted to helping us reduce all of those things that get in the way of us achieving our desired goals.

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When Friction is Fiction

In this episode, Myke and I discuss a recent lesson I learned about allowing out fear to make simple things seem more complicated than they are. Because, well, baby we are born this way… Right after we discuss the Queen’s Jubilee (Anglophile that I am).

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In this episode, Myke and I are joined by Andrew Marvin from Quarter-Life Enlightenment to discuss Primal/Paleo diet and lifestyle. I like the simplicity that I see in this movement and have long been a curious observer. I also like the parallels and intersections I see with other similar movements like barefoot running. I hope it is as interesting a discussion for you as it was for me.


What’s Broken?

In this episode, I discuss two loosely related thoughts. One I mention briefly, up front, the other, I dive deep on …

Thought number one is about the many new virtual places we now have to mark an area of first contact. I suppose one day, many years from now, we’ll be able to say, "I've known her since Twitter" and have that impart the same sort of immediate understanding of length and importance as high school does?

Thought number two is actually a "capture hack" I have used for some time. One of my favorite exercises is one I have come to call "What’s Broken?". I go from room to room in my house and ask this simple question and write it down. The thought is this, what if we extended this idea to everything in our lives? Jobs, relationships, social networks — everything. Could it be a good tool to effect change?

Here is a link to my essay on idea #1:

I discuss idea #2 (What’s Broken?) in better detail in my last patron’s newsletter:


In this episode, Myke and I discuss collecting (as in stamps, coins, or… um… Pens!) and how it might jive with the idea of Enough. Well, we get to it eventually after discussing the weather.

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Perfectly Natural

In this episode, Myke and I discuss the idea that perfection is where amateurs stop. That pros keep pushing to the point of failure, because that’s where the learning starts and the task becomes natural. We also try a new recording technique for the next few episodes due to some changes being made at 70db HQ. Therefore, Myke sounds great and I sound like Lady Gaga.

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Note — I’m not going to bother linking to all of the TV talk at the beginning of the episode.

Full-Screen, Paperless, Pens

In this episode, we talk about a variety of things that have captured our notice and fancy lately. Including Lion’s full screen mode, Paperless — the new iBook by David Sparks, and, well, we also get way too nerdy about pens.

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In this episode, we talk about the idea that we are all superheroes. That all of us, sometimes many times a day, push ourselves past our self-imposed limits, struggles, difficulties, and fears and become better than our internal dialog often tells us we are. When the task or time calls for it, we step into the booth as a person incapable and step out the other side as another doing things we never dreamed we could.

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